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Credit Union Hosts IRS Consultant

Lakewood – The IRS has the ability to fear in the hearts of many, to communicate that the entrepreneurs, especially in this time of year.

But Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union, which recently hosted Barbara Dawkins, the ratio of high-level stakeholders? Accountants IRS office Cheektowaga, and notes that a number of local agencies prepare taxes for people who qualify for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.

"The IRS is trying to reach rural America, but we can only help," said Dawkins. "Spread the word about free tax assistance."

Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union, effective cooperation with the United Way in the past four years and is tax-free preparation during the last three years. The credit union has the people by appointment for tax preparation for members and non members.

"The SCFCU to improve the quality of life for all who live in Chautauqua County and as it is convincing through the VITA program played. They are also called community development financial institution shall assess or CDFI, we are able, financial products and services for people with low incomes provide. This designation, special attention by the U.S. Treasury and opened more opportunities for credit for a successful community to see our partners

In 2010, 57 trained volunteers helped file 1625 statements electronically without Chautauqua County, through the VITA program. Trained volunteers from the IRS certified tax returns for income-eligible workers prepare – to help them take advantage of tax credits that the law, including the Earned Income Tax Credit are.

Most reports are stored electronically and can receive refunds in 10 days at no cost to the individual. The VITA Program offers free help, free electronic filing and quick access to a taxpayer's tax refund.

"Unfortunately, there are companies that can be granted from the enthusiasm of a person for the income tax collected quickly," said John Felton, Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union CEO. "People can lower prices in exchange for the promise of a speedy recovery for free. By VITA, these people are guaranteed tax-free, and get tips on how to use your money better. We have the ability? Money 's in the have bags, but also as a chance to? positive financial relationship. tax return electronically stored and most people can use the money within two weeks. "

While exploring the Credit Union Felton and David Samuelson, head of the Credit Union loan, Ms. Dawkins in a position to the local facility and some staff to help with the voluntary requirements see VITA program.

"The meeting was a positive experience for our employees because we are able, inspiring stories of what really to share the difference in the lives of people," said Samuelson.

Credit Union Hosts IRS Consultant http://adf.ly/1FzqJ